Weekend distractions

11 Aug

Penultimate week before the 11-day holidays. I’ve had Sublime’s 40oz to Freedom on an endless loop the past few days that they have toppled Number Girl as the top artist on my last.fm. (I’ve only ever had Number Girl as top artist since I signed up in 2006.)

Haven’t had any scanlation work done at all, but I hope to squeeze it in my ‘packed’ holiday schedule (read: just holed up in my apartment reading and occasionally catching up with my real life work backlog).

Speaking of which, I picked up this novel from the library:


Contemporary fiction, and it’s been on my wish list since I read the blurb months ago in a book store back home. So far, it’s been a good read. It’s about these two people who friendzone each other for, like, twenty years. Lol. At a good pace with reading, even if I still have three days of work this week.

Also, might go to Kinokuniya-Plaza Senayan later if the traffic isn’t so horrible. Right now, it is:


Hm. Looks like braving the traffic to go there is pretty unlikely today. Oh well. It isn’t going anywhere anyway.

Also, look, a bajaj!



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