13 Aug


That’s our youngest cat, Basilio, with Kyo, taken a few weeks ago.

Basilio had gone missing almost two weeks ago (on a Thursday), amid an incessant monsoon rain. My sister said that he was chased out of the property by strays. He never came back, he was never found. No news from home about him (it might be me being a paranoid cat lady, but I think my family is intentionally making themselves scarce online to avoid my questions), so yeah, I’m assuming the worst. It’s kinda funny but really sad; we named him after a character in José Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere, a young altar boy who had a brother named Crispin that died (our cat had a sibling who expired a day after they were born) and had a mom who constantly raved crazily for her missing sons, screaming madly, “Basilio! Crispin!”

Well, here’s Sisa, I mean Mikan, with her kitten in better days.



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