Love is always like an illusion

9 Sep

I finished typesetting Moteki chapter 4 today. Finally! It took me a week to get it done. Or more like, two or three days, since I was always procrastinating. Anyway, what I like about typesetting mango I actually follow is that I get to read it ahead of the releases (duh!) and that makes me work faster. Lol. Well, I haven’t been as productive as that time before I started working (IRL) again, but I hope to manage my time and tame that relentless beast called laziness (hah!) and be efficient irl and scanlation-wise.



Anyway, I like where this story is going. I’m also pretty excited since chapter 13 has a GOING STEADY song and chapter 29 has NUMBER GIRL. I hope I’m still on board when that rolls around. Number Girl; Trampoline Girl, at that! One of my favorite songs from my favorite band! <Insert crazy fangirl monologue here.>Music x manga = death by nosebleed.


Monday’s almost here. Give it a big hug.


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