All I want for Christmas is OIMH3

18 Dec

Hm, right.

Anyway, here’s a clip from Omoide in My Head 3 about how Number Girl started out. Translations are by Marekenshin of the Distortional Addict forums.

“This is Number Girl”

Summer, 1995, Fukuoka City, Kyuushuu

Here is the heart, the spirit of Fukuoka.
In this asphalt jungle, there was a man with too much free time.

“Hey, Mukai, welcome.”

“Nakao Kentarou works here?”
“He’s doing lighting right now.”

“Oh, Mukai, it’s been a while. What’s up?”

“Well, I’m going to do a live, and I was wondering if you’d lend me a hand.

I want your rude but straight-cut bass.”


“For guitar, there’s this really good kid.”
“Oh, really.”

“Yeah, I wonder if she’d be willing to be in our band.”
“Oh really, I’ll call her right now.”
He was a high-handed guy.

(some days later)

“Ah, hello, Inazawa? This is Mukai…

How about it? Will you do it with us?”

“Hello, I’m Inazawa.”

They started rehearsing.
“It’s like this”

“Alright, we can do a live with this.”

And so…

“Alright, Number Girl is next.”

And that’s how Number Girl started.
“Oh, whoops.”


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