Me get lazy one day

25 Dec

Merry Christmas.

There’s a new Oyasumi Punpun volume out, so I guess it’s indeed a merry Christmas.

I’ll put off the depressive reads for tomorrow. Lols.

After weeks of not watching anything but random episodes of Survivor Season 25 because I was so busy with work, today I watched five episodes of Glee and four of American Horror Story. I’m up-to-date with my guilty pleasures. Yay. o// Okay, AHS was great this season. Looking forward to the rest of it come January.

I’ve completed my reading goal of 40 books this year. o// x2. I’m doing 60 in 2013. Good luck to me, rite.

Two more weeks here back home. It’s weird how there’s a strange feeling of emptiness when one gets what has been longed for. Hrm. Anyway, I shouldn’t be complaining. As Brad said, “(Louie) Dog’s the only way to stay sane.” It’s nice to be able to just be lazy with a dog at your feet. (He’s too big to be a lap dog, sadly.) Life’s good, if you take the time to appreciate it.

Note to self. Lols.

Also, this one is so nice I have to listen to it more than twice.


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