Go, humans?

16 Sep

I lost my phone yesterday. 

I rang it up and bombarded it with messages all night. 

I was on my way to the place where I last remembered using my phone when I decided to call my number again. I finally did get through and a foreigner guy picked up and said he found it in the taxi. I gave him my email address. 

While I was speaking to him about recovering my phone, the line got cut because the mobile I was using ran out of credits. Fail.  

I got back home, sent messages remotely and checked the status of my mobile. My boyfriend tried calling it again, but the guy wasn’t picking up. 

I woke up very early today. Checked my inbox and spam folder. Nothing. Checked my boyfriend’s phone for an SMS. Nothing either. Checked the Find My Mobile site. My phone is already offline. It probably ran out of juice already. 

So, should I give up? Should I give up rooting for humans, too?

Okay, I’m not the first person to lose a phone. But yeah. Damn. Anyway, the last location of my phone was in Thamrin Residences in Central Jakarta. 


Everything sucks right now. 


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