Passing the time.

8 Oct

Sitting in a meeting at work, trying to figure out what to do while I sit idle here. (I don’t have to participate in the current agenda.) The coming days will also be busy, so this is just a temporary lull. A two-day lull, maybe. Work work resumes on Thursday, and from then on it’s gonna be hectic until the end of term. :<

Anyway, I'm considering staying in Jakarta during the Christmas holidays. Flights right now are ridiculously expensive and besides, we only have a couple of weeks for the holidays. After that it's work, work, work. And my college classmate is staying, too, so I have some company.

But yeah, I've never spent Christmas away from my family. This is gonna be something new. Lol. I haven't talked to my parents yet about it. Gonna have to see how they'll react. But I bet they're just gonna tell me to have fun, and stuff will just be over FaceTime. Oh, well.


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