15 Dec

I’m packing up. My boyfriend and I are leaving tonight to catch a flight to Singapore. We’ll be spending three days there and then proceeding to Malaysia until a few days after the new year.

We won’t be coming back to Jakarta.

Which means I won’t be coming back to my job.

It’s only half the contract year, but my employer hasn’t been able to get me a work permit, which means the last two months since my last permit expired I had been working sort of illegally. Human resources told me that they’d get me a work visa “probably February or March next year”. It was not assuring at all because in the last two months since my last work permit expired, I had practically lived in fear of being picked up by immigration and deported. (There had been reports of immigration raiding apartment complexes and checking if expats have their proper permits.) So yeah, I’m bailing out. I think half a year of being a bum is better than fucking up my chances of travelling and working elsewhere if I get caught.

My boyfriend sees this as a welcome escape, lol. He says I’ve been so consumed with work that it feels like I’m not the same person anymore. (I should note that when he met me, I was a bum. I guess I’m more interesting as a person if I’m unemployed.) Maybe if I actually had time to enjoy the things I like I would be my “old self”. Well, my profession was also a part of who I am. Aside from giving me an identity, a role, it also paid relatively well. LOL.

I’m at a crossroads.

Let’s see how it goes.


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