Nothing much has changed after all.

11 Jan

I’m back in Jakarta. A few days into my holiday I received word that I was going to get my work permit. That threw a wrench into our (my boyfriend and I) grand plan to run away together into the sunset and end up in Europe in a few months. I wasn’t about to run away now that I had a chance to work legally, especially since a lot of my friends are still on a limbo, work statuswise.

So…. I was a jerk and an asshole to my boyfriend almost the entire time we were on holiday. I wouldn’t blame him, really, if he felt relief at being rid of me physically when we parted at Kuala Lumpur. I’m just a difficult person to be with, a drag and a bully. And he should be next in line for beatification in Rome for his patience and fortitude.

Anyway, work resumes tomorrow. Another day.


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