Another flooded day in Jakarta.

10 Feb

Yesterday the rains were incessant and as expected, the roads became flooded quite quickly. The place where I worked did not issue a suspension of classes (even we are situated in a flood-prone area and it looked like the weather could turn for the worse even before first period) and left it to the parents to decide to pick up their kids.

The nearby creek’s brown water mixed with the runoff from a gated community that I passed by on the way to my apartment, which was just a five minutes’ walk away. If the street that I passed by already had a few centimeters of rain that I have to pull up my pants sleeves, how much more in the major boulevard that becomes inundated by only a few hours precipitation? I haven’t really stocked up on provisions… just a couple of cans of tuna, a canned chicken vegetable soup, a two-week old chicken in the fridge…. there are mini-marts downstairs but let’s see later if they are still well-stocked.

I just hope that the rain will cease, although it is still heavily clouded with intermittent showers until now. Doesn't look goodIf it keeps up, there is little hope that the flood waters will come down enough for the major roads to be passable.


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