That thing called *tooooot*

21 Feb

Today I woke up quite early. I was supposed to go on a morning walk with a friend but she overslept and I got lazy so I had breakfast, did the laundry and then watched a movie!

That Thing Called Tadhana always seemed to hover in the periphery whenever I checked out news from the Philippines, and my friends’ social media feeds (I do not have Facebook btw). This morning I decided to check it out and see what the fuss was all about.

The movie is about two Filipinos who meet at an Italian airport. The film opens with Macy (Angelica Panganiban) throwing out her lacy thongs and her jacket to meet the baggage weight limits, and Anthony (JM de Guzman) offering to put these items into his own luggage. The film then follows them to Manila, Baguio, and Sagada in a road trip for the broken hearted. Macy is trying to get it together after finding out that her boyfriend of eight years has a lover in Italy. Anthony also has a chip on his shoulder. His mother, with whom he wanted to make that Italy trip to see the Coliseum, had died three years earlier due to breast cancer.

While the movie is definitely not Before Sunrise, it does have its charming moments. I especially like Anthony’s character as his moroseness is real and not OA. Mace is another matter, though. She likes making a scene, whether it be while watching a John Lloyd movie on her MacBook Pro or telling a woman in a restaurant to answer her phone (I was hoping that that the ring tone at least reminded her of her ex, but alas!). I enjoyed that John Lloyd movie, One More Chance, btw, because it’s probably the only romantic comedy movie with a realistic ending. Anyway, the scene that really irked me was when they were sitting at the side of the road in Baguio and she asks him if she is ugly. She tilts her face a little, and then gives a smile. And of course, he obliges with “No you’re not ugly”, and she looks away until she gets the response that she wants to hear: “You’re beautiful.” And then she cries asking if anyone will ever like her again, by then of course he tries to placate her. It was even more awkward than that token hand-around-the-chair scene. I was reminded of a sociopath former friend, who also had the same mannerisms, that it was at times too uncomfortable to watch. Lol.


But I digress. And that is why I didn’t like that particular scene. It’s just that it’s manipulation then and there, getting the guy to where she wanted, that sort of broke the suspension of disbelief for me – more than the airport scene – I mean, if you don’t have money for excess baggage, you shouldn’t be carrying that much in the first place… and I’m pretty sure there are luggage weighing scales in the airport, that you don’t have to keep cutting the line to see if you don’t go beyond their limit. But yeah…. smart thinking means no movie, right? And give her some slack, she just got dumped by her longtime boyfriend, of course she’s not gonna be thinking straight. Plus the excess baggage was a sort of nice metaphor, right? Right??? And yeah, one can argue that the game of love is played that way. Scoping things out, discreet or not, is part of it.

And do people swear that much in real life??? Maybe I am just too burgis.


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