Left mah little Blitzy

22 Aug

Currently on a flight to Jakarta. A couple more hours before we land. I am a little sleepy from the wine. That would be a good thing as I will proceed to Semarang tomorrow around noon. Yep, I got a job. It was a long wait, but not being able to go to Germany as planned and wasting a work year is not a very nice option. I actually had three offers, and this one just happened to have a better salary package and they were real quick about it – so fast I got the letter of offer without being interviewed. Lol. My friend Mark from uni submitted my CV, so I guess my work experience was enough and he probably also vouched for me. So here I am, on my way back to Jakarta. Hoping that it will be a good transition. Hoping that it will be a good year. I’ve never been to Semarang, I don’t know anyone from there, but it’s a fresh start. All one can do is work hard and hope for the best.


Wrote that post during the flight. Currently at a hotel in Pluit, North Jakarta, waiting to get picked up and taken to the airport for my noon flight to Semarang.

I’m gonna miss my dog. And my kittehs, including the three little ones.


Goofy little Blitzeh. Scars made by unknown evil cat.


What I have always aspired for in life.


Temp names: Long Socks, Short Socks, No Socks


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