Reality bites

24 Aug

I am now wondering if accepting this particular job offer is really worth it.

Today is my first day of reporting, and I have just gotten my schedule. 36 teaching units of 30 minutes each per week, and a total of five preparations across four grade levels and three curriculums. I am dismayed that I was dumped with a 9 period science load. I specifically asked that I be given only chemistry. Ugh. I am truly missing my previous school now. I think I should have at least waited for their job offer. Because this looks like hell now. Of course, with whatever is given, one can only work hard.

I was told that I would not be teaching today. Currently I am waiting to get a hold of the other chem teacher to shed light on what topics are to be covered! It is an hour before noon and ugh, just a slow churn before panic mode.


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