Just so tired.

24 Nov

Okay, Imma rant. Turn back while you still can!


I’m so tired. Exhausted. Out of juice. Been so for the last few weeks, especially after the AS-level exams and I started feeling the whole 36 periods per week that I had unknowingly signed myself into. Yep. Before I decided to agree to the job offer, I did ask for confirmation via email if chemistry was the only subject I will teach. I got an answer in the affirmative, but when I reported for my first day I was handed a schedule with 9 periods more of Science. I asked about it, but the answer given to me was that I would be underloaded if it was not included. Okay. So 25 is not overloaded. And apparently anything below 30 periods per week is too light a workload, regardless of how many preparations you have with that. And they can dump you with that much and not pay you overtime, because there is
no such thing. In my final year in Jakarta, I had 27 periods and I was so damn tired all the time. But of course things can always be worse elsewhere. And I am there now. And by the way, anything beyond 30 periods is paid in my old workplace. And after school classes are considered paid overtime.

Yeah, I know. I should just go back there. I’m seriously considering it.

I didn’t use to come home at six pm. Now I do. I don’t have CCA this week but I do have a lot of things to mark. Not like I was procrastinating and just hanging around while watching AlDub videos. I can only do stuff on Thursdays and Fridays. And so my molehill became a mountain in no time.

Anyway, I cannot fathom the reality that I will be doing this for more than a semester. I don’t know how much I can go on before I break.


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