I might feel slightly sad

26 Nov

But I won’t cry.

So what’s it like to turn 33? Just an ordinary day. Woke up, showered, ironed a shirt, went to work, had a wardrobe malfunction. The workday was otherwise unremarkable. I stayed up until around 5, all the time reeling from a co-worker’s stinky body odor.

Anyway, my boyfriend stayed up a bit so he could greet me when the date changed in Germany. ;’)

My brother also sent his greetings. I went by my day without anything more. But then that’s what ya get when you don’t have Facebook, lol. Anyway, it was all good. It was just another day. I didn’t tell anyone here at work about it. There is no use getting worked out over it, and I don’t really have friends here. Okay, nothing friend-friend. Just people at work that I usually hang around with. I don’t really want to get attached, either. The plan is to stay here only a year.

Tomorrow I will be calling in sick because I got a job interview with a school in Jakarta. Let’s see how it goes. This school pays really well, but if I end up with a heavy workload I might have to withdraw my application. The stress is not worth it.

Right now I am having dinner alone at a Pizza Hut. The Imma go to Starbucks to redeem my birthday frappe. Lol.

Relevant YouTube clip:


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