Busy, busy, busy

2 Dec

It’s exam period now. Thank God there are no more lessons except for Grade 12. A2 ugh. But then I’m happy for any form of respite. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of things to do. I got a backlog of experiments to mark. I won’t start marking till Friday, when the first two classes have their mid-year exams. The other two have will be on Wednesday and Thursday next week. All that time I have one-hour classes with Grade 12. I took the easy route by skipping to organic chemistry.

Aside from that, I still have to make exam questions for the prelim exams for Grade 10 on April. The first draft is to be submitted on the first week of Term 3. With classes in full swing I will definitely not have time to do that in my spare time (for one, I have to compress two terms into one for Grade 10 – long story which involves being given a syllabus that will not be followed completely and me not knowing that till I asked) because I simply do not have any. That’s what happens when you got 36 teaching periods per week (not including remedial), five subject preparations, a weekly CCA that regularly runs till past 5 PM, and then now students who will sit for their all-important A2 and IGCSE exams by May/June this year.

Please kill me already. I need to be spared from this.



So yeah, I am allowing myself no respite. Gonna have to start going at that exam setting bit by bit, and then outline lessons, prepare review materials.

I am stressed, everyday. My eye keeps hurting and I’ve once again increased my corticosteroid dosage. But yeah, unless I do something, push that rock up the mountain even if another one comes tumbling down, the stress will just build up. I want to enjoy the holidays with J, so I really do not want to bring work and worries about it while we travel. The holidays will be the time to catch up on my reading, me and J catching up with each other after a year apart. It would be nice if I could also go home to the Philippines to see my pets, but alas, ain’t possible.

Sigh. Sigh. 


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