Here I am floating round my tin can

11 Jan

David Bowie died today.

Or Sunday in New York.

I was always intrigued by his persona. I can’t even point out when that was, but I guess I was pretty late getting into his music. Of course I had an idea of who he was (skinny dude with odd make-up) but it was only after I saw his “Little Wonder” video that my interest was piqued. And after that his collaboration with Nine Inch Nails’ “I’m Afraid of Americans”. A little further and a Game boy title after, I started listening to some of his earlier stuff from his very long and prolific music career. Even watched a movie with him in a starring role (Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence). I only have one record of his, the 2CD concept album Outside. “The Hearts Filthy Lesson” and “Strangers When We Meet” are my favorite tracks. The latter is something I can relate to on a personal level. Somehow.

So, anyway, it is the first day back to work. I hated it. I felt exhausted just thinking of it, and after the day was done, I went straight home after the staff meeting, even when I had originally planned to stay late to work on this exam paper I have to set. I exchanged messages with my brother (David Bowie) and my boyfriend (nekkid baby photos), and then napped.

Sitting in front of my laptop, not doing any work, and in a bit I will go to sleep.

Escaping to sleep, yep.


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