Both fascinated and and horrified.

14 Feb

That’s what I feel about this video.

Also the reason why I keep listening to a particular 80s mix at 8tracks. It’s 6 hours long but I always get to hear it whenever I put that playlist on.

Sooo…. Valentine’s day. On a Sunday. Spent it like I would any other weekend, except with Netflix for hours on end. It’s no big deal to me. I guess it was a bigger deal to me when I was single. That’s what I noticed on my scant social feed. The usual contact who posts religious/motivational stuff all of a sudden writing about, “this will soon pass” accompanied by an animu screenshot of a girl eating a bouquet of flowers. So yeah, an ordinary day, an ordinary weekend only with actual productive work done. Yesterday when my housemate told me that we might have a Valentine’s day lunch, I said something about that being no big deal. Maybe that’s why I got uninvited. Lols.

Hahhh. Oh well.

I called home, talked to my mom and taught her how to access Netflix, saw my new dog looking like a younger version of my old dog. But yeah, Kyo’s personality is totally different from Blitzy. I feel sad that I miss him as much even until now. I fear that this hole in my heart will last forever.

Damn, I’m gonna cry while listening to Wang Chung’s “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”.


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