19 Feb

Come on, 8tracks.

Been on 8tracks since 2011… and it’s been a nice experience. Until earlier this week, that is, when they changed their international streaming policies. The mobile phone apps are pretty useless, and when using a browser, it redirects to YouTube, which might not have the same version or sound quality in the originally uploaded playlist. Also, rarer or non-mainstream tracks might not be on YouTube at all.

8tracks was great for discovering music that I wouldn’t have heard any other way. And it was also where I uploaded carefully thought of playlists to share that I do not even have on my music player. So yeah, it’s such a shame that I won’t be able to enjoy listening in anymore just because I live outside North America. So much for the Internet.

I’m gonna start listing down the tracks on my playlists and then build them onto my music player. When that is done, I’m gonna delete them all. Sorry, guys, but I don’t see the point of keeping it there when I get nothing back (the privilege of listening to other people’s playlists).


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