Retrieving tax identification number (TIN) for OFWs

25 Apr

I recently needed my TIN to apply for a mortgage from a bank in the Philippines. It had been a long time since I last used my TIN, and I could not remember it nor recall where I wrote the information. Add that to the fact that I am currently not in the Philippines and personally going to the BIR is impossible. Good thing that after some Googling, I learned that the BIR has a call center that can help taxpayers recover their TIN (having more than one TIN is against the law). Their trunkline is +62 2 981 8888. I called at around 5 PM Manila time, so it is likely that they operate after office hours (until what time, I am not sure). They only needed to verify some personal information and once that checked out, they gave me my TIN. It was quick, done fast enough that I managed to write down the number before I ran out of phone credits (it was an international call, after all). Lol.


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