House hunting

19 May

I’ve been looking for a house to move into next school year. So far, all the houses I’ve seen all sucked (in varying degrees) and are all overpriced. The first house I viewed was priced at 45jt per year, minimum 2 years. It had a garage (I cannot drive), a very narrow living room, one tiny “master’s” bedroom, a small and dirty toilet/shower. When I came by the owner said that they were preparing to move, hence all the mess, and at that moment a huge rat skitted through the piles of books and boxes. Very impressive.

The next house was in an “exclusive” part in a gated community. It was also small, but considerably brighter and more cheerful than the first. So cheerful there were doodles in crayon all over the walls. Their asking price was 60jt a year.  I wonder how they can tell me that with a straight face, considering that there was only one bathroom and it was inside the master’s bedroom. So if someone comes over they will have to get inside the bedroom first. And it was also small and narrow. It only had a toilet and a shower. In fairness, the kitchen was of a good size and had a door facing the garage. The thing I liked most about it was that it was nice and bright, the thing I liked least is that it was too expensive. I will have to fork out a lot of money to get to live there, and likely about 2jt a month just getting around in a taxi. While my salary increase in a year is significant, half of it would go housing and transportation. And getting away to Jakarta at almost every long weekend. The next one looks to be like my final year here. I’m sick of having only shitty options.


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