Taking out my iPod from retirement

3 Jun

The bluetooth speakers I ordered online arrived today. Great timing as it’s a weekend. My iPod is finally out of an unofficial retirement.


Because I haven’t had daily long commutes since I worked in Indonesia (in 2009), I’ve listened to music less and less until it just wasn’t part of my routine anymore. I do miss those days, because I derived so much pleasure by listening to stuff I found interesting, even those I couldn’t understand because they were in Japanese! Finding something nice from related artists, discovering a song I’d end up listening to on repeat… It’s days when I feel a total absence of what I had before that makes growing old a little sad. Now I’m more occupied with work, making money, spending money, doing totally nothing to make up for the exhausting toils of daily life. It’s a regrettable thing. I live comfortably but I lost something, the enjoyment of simple pleasures, along the way.


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