Take me back to Jakarta ;'(

7 Jun

It looks like the the plan to rent that house I took a liking to fell through. The owner refuses to have the contract notarized, and is asking us to pay an 11% real estate tax. I will have to shoulder 30jt instead of 25jt, and my employer will pay for the rest. Not to mention that I can get kicked out anytime because the contract wouldn’t be legally binding. It’s disheartening. For one, I had already set my heart to living on my own in a quiet neighbourhood. I had come to terms to the fact that I would have to give up my year end bonus and then some more to make up for that amount I need to raise. But yeah, when I found out about the situation, which smelled fishy and full of bullshit, I went back to looking at ads for places to rent, and there aren’t many that are both acceptable and within the budget (or at least what I can possibly give).

I hate this place. I really do. I wish I had been more forward about getting transferred to Jakarta. There is no convenience here. You need a taxi to get anywhere, and there is nowhere to go or to see here anyway. And the housing. It sucks so much. One wouldn’t have an option with it, unless you’re loaded and willing to spend. There are only a handful of apartments, and they are much more expensive compared to Jakarta, and not much better for the price. And just this morning, I got up at 4.45 am to shower and surprise, low water pressure. Soon
enough the water ran out and I had to waddle to the bathroom downstairs, dripping, to rinse off. Shit I never had to endure in Jakarta. 

I can’t believe I am gonna spend another year here. Ugh. Fml.


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