I hate commuting.

28 Jun

I attended my friend Tina’s wedding in Bulacan today. My friend Mark and I booked rooms yesterday at the venue which also happened to be a hotel. We realized too late that it wasn’t that far from Quezon City, and we should’ve just stayed at a hotel there and then traveled to the venue in the morning, especially as the rooms in Bulacan were super expensive. (I could’ve booked a room at Crowne Plaza Semarang at that price.) Anyway, before the celebration ended Mark and I escaped (lol) through a back door and went to Trinoma to catch the MRT. We parted ways there as we were getting off at different stations. I went to Boni to have my LG G4 repaired. I bought that phone while in Jakarta, so the warranty card and receipt were in Indonesia. I was willing to pay for the parts and service, but the guy who looked at my phone told me that it’d take a while for it to be returned to me because they weren’t sure if the parts were available and the software that they have might be “incompatible”, as if the correct version is difficult to Google. Anyway, the bootloop problem that my LG has is an acknowledged hardware malfunction of the G4: LG actually released a statement about it after much clamoring of affected users. But yeah, the technician at Boni are not exclusively repairing LG mobile phones, so that’s probably why they didn’t know how to fix it (which is to connect the parts that came loose). So yeah, I wasn’t gonna tell them what to do and there was no way in hell that I’d leave my phone there, so it looks like my phone will have to wait till I get to Semarang to get fixed. That’s three weeks away.
I tried getting an Uber going to the Asian Hospital, and I was very willing to pay at least 10x the bus fare for some comfort and much-needed aircon, but the Uber driver cancelled after making me wait. I texted him and then he replied that HE WAS WAITING SO LONG AND HE DIDN’T SEE ME AND THEN I DIDN’T REPLAY. All caps and replay. Disgusted, I walked to the other side of the street, huffing, puffing and sweating after all the steps that needed climbing. I greatly regretted not taking the point-to-point bus at Trinoma, especially after realizing that the Boni adventure was a total waste of time and energy. I’m just not used to commuting anymore. Indonesia spoiled me rotten with its readily available and generally reliable taxi service.
Anyway, the bus trip was terribly long, and the dude sitting next to me was so pissed off, muttering to himself about how hot and how slow we were travelling, as if his ranting will make anything better. It didn’t.
When I finally reached Alabang, I hesitated about going to the bank instead of to the mall. The decision was made when I felt like I needed to pee, so I made that long walk to the mall, my toes burning. Then I went to catch the van home. I was the last to ride. It was so hot inside but the only consolation was that it wasn’t a very long trip.
Days like this, I really want to have my own car.


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