Another nightmare courtesy of Globe Telecom

14 Jul

The start of the way back to Jakarta was pleasant enough: my dad, who was going to accompany me to Alabang, was seen by a friend in a multicab, who had offered to take us to Festival Supermall as it was on their way.  

When we got to Festival,  since it was early enough, I went and bought some stuff at a couple of stores. And then it was time to order a ride. I tried Uber, but there was so much difficulty getting connected that I tried getting one with Grab as well. Neither was successful. 

As you can see,  the GPS doesn’t even work properly. The map is that of Central Jakarta. I rebooted my phone three times, and put it on airplane mode many times more to refresh the data connection. Nothing helped. The phone was on 3G for a grand total of four seconds. It was always HSDPA, which is probably why nothing works. Fucking useless. 

And so we had decided to get a taxi. And lol. There was no metered taxi at Festival Mall, and one of the security guards called one that we hailed. The driver asked for PHP 500. With very little choice in the matter due to shitty Internet connection, we took it. And now we are at Skyway. Slow going. My flight is at 20.55, so I probably not miss it unless more shittyness ensues. I hope not. 


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