9 Aug

I really, really want to confront that stupid bitch but I don’t have time for her drama. I really am very tempted, though. 

She is under the notion that I owe her an apology, but what she doesn’t know was that I read their logs and I know exactly what she’s on about. She messaged him last night about coming over “for 12 hours or a day” after exiting to Singapore. And when he told her that I was coming with him and we’d be there for a weekend, she went “she’s tagging along? never mind, then”. Still very much desperate to make him go see her behind my back. She operates on the premise that if I’m to go with him to Surabaya, I should “clear the air”. As if it was me who was working behind the scenes to sow discord between two people in a relationship. She disgusts me. I want to wash her brains off of filth, but I honestly have no time to waste for that lowlife. I have a busy job, a boyfriend, and a nice weekend up ahead in Singapore. :) Envy is indeed an incurable disease. 


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