Delusional part 2

21 Aug

I did end up confronting the puta on the day that I wrote about wanting to do it. She flat out denied that she had anything to do with what happened the week prior, saying things like: “Geez, all this time I thought you two were doing okay,” “I never told him to leave you,” “I don’t see how I can be the reason for you two almost breaking up. It’s way beyond me.”

It was way beyond me to comprehend the bold faced lying. I ended up quoting her the stuff that she told my boyfriend after he told her that there was a change of plans. Juicy, angry statements like, “If you’re tired of running the hamster wheel, get out,” “whenever you decide on a ‘let’s see’ you decide having it on repeat.” The latter obviously said to attempt to change his mind about giving our relationship another try. Well, as the saying goes, “the liar is brother to the thief.” 

She has not sent a rebuttal for me since, and it looks like she did not contact him either. Well, who knows, she just might be biding her time, when he returns to Germany. 

I will just have to trust him. 


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