Another long weekend 

11 Sep

And another chance of escape. 

I saw my boyfriend off last night at the airport in Jakarta. It had been a tumultuous two months, but I guess (or hope) that we both got through it with a better view of where we want to be in this relationship. (“Together.”) The plan is for me to see him in Germany in December, but nothing is set in stone until the hurdles to getting a Schengen visa have been cleared. That still remains to be seen.

It had always been difficult to part after being together during his holidays, so I planned ahead and asked to stay with a friend in Serpong during the long weekend. This friend, Shirley, also happened to be at the airport last night because her daughter was flying back to the Philippines. So yeah, I’m staying at her house and being lazy: we went back for a siesta after stuffing ourselves with steak. I had plans to have dinner with Tina and Mark in Pluit on Sunday, but it looks like it won’t push through because Tina is ill. 


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