SMS scam

20 Sep

So I’m trying to scare myself shirtless watching haunted house documentaries while alone in my flat. In the middle of my second episode for the night, I get this message:

Cintya VILLAR? Lols. So I went and googled how to report spam messages and it turned out Globe has a site for that purpose. One just has to give name, number and email, and details of the spam message, including a function to upload a screenshot of the message. Also an agreement to not delete the spam message in case the number who sent it disputed the report. 

Here’s what Globe has to say about what happens after the report is made: 

Well, good luck because prepaid SIM cards are basically disposable in the Philippines. I think it would be better if people who send messages like these (believe me, there will always be people who will fall for these things) could be penalized for fraud.


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