Why do we even have an idiotic psychopath as president?

21 Oct

Easy. It’s a failure of democracy. Sixteen million bobotantes put him in power, and enthusiastically cheered as the body count from his bloody anti-drug campaign rises up on a daily basis. When he won, I thought it was bad, but I didn’t imagine it to be this bad. 

This psycho is in China, and made such incredulous pronouncements like the one posted above. He also introduced the son of a former dictator as a “future vice president” if the former’s electoral protest is ruled in his favor. The daughter of said dictator was also in his entourage. She had made a significant contribution to the president’s election campaign. Likely with money that her family plundered from the Filipino people. 

The upside of this China trip? 13 billion in soft loans and trade deals and we get to sell them our bananas. He must be high-fiving himself now. In the mean time, we probably won’t get our exclusive economic zone back. He sold it cheaply like it’s on Alibaba. 

Cozying up to China and next time Russia. Apparently he thinks he’s got the winning formula. 


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