Mild summer days

28 Mar

Been back home for three days now, and halfway til I go away again. It’s been a real lazy summer, minimal reading, planned to only see one friend, a scheduled visit to the internet provider and then getting my hair fixed afterwards. Okay, that was supposed to be done today, but then it was a little cloudy. In fact it showered, very briefly. But I can use any old excuse to stay at home. 

Most of my time is wasted with playing Best Fiends. I did watch a couple of episodes of The Wire but today it is just laying back with them kitties, being a cat bed. I’ll sort out some of my books and see what I can bring along to the salon tomorrow. 

Will be home for a week

23 Mar

Term break starts Saturday, and I will be going home for that one week interlude between now and the prelim exams. This is the first time that I am actually not looking forward to going home because I can see how much money I am gonna blow just getting home and coming back to the workplace. But then I have some stuff that should be attended to that it necessitates me to go home. It’s for a pretty shitty reason. I’ll spare you.

So anyway, going via Singapore tomorrow. Arrival time is about the same as with going via Jakarta, so it’s not so bad.

At least I’ll get to see my dog and cats, right. Should be alright.

Put the devil way down in the hole. 

9 Mar

After four years, I’m re-watching The Wire for the first time. Dee is such a softy. And McNulty has that earnestness of Don Quixote. Knowing how it goes, I find myself being more attentive this time around. And I’m enjoying it immensely. 

Just another two weeks before the term ends. I have no fixed plans about the break, though. All I know is I don’t want to spend that week in Semarang. Lol. 

Most annoying Lionair flight ever. 

24 Feb

1. 45 minutes delayed. 

2. Got a seat way in the back, with less leg room than usual. 

3. Warm air blowing out of the AC. 

4. Noisy children all throughout the entire fucking flight. 

Kill me plz. 

Passing the days

15 Feb

It’s been good lately. Very busy, but still good. Sometimes it gets frustrating, but mostly it’s just been letting the days swing by. Waking up tired on Monday, trudging along on Wednesday, and after that it’ll be the weekend again. The weeks just go by. Soon it’ll be another summer break. As to where I will find myself, I still am not sure. Everything is up in the air at this point. 

There’s no classes today. Which is lucky because Wednesday is my heaviest day, and it also happened that I was supposed to do detention supervision. Good thing it was declared a public holiday. Lucky. 

Also, today is our fourth year anniversary. How time does fly by. I guess in connection with that I ended up watching The Notebook on Netflix. Lol. 

I almost lost my shit today. 

31 Jan

It’s been a long time since that last happened. Feeling a little annoyed by the noise and inattention, and all of a sudden a surge of indescribable anger. It was incredibly overwhelming and it happened so quickly that I ended up pacing the room once, with an almost irresistible urge to walk out and just burst into tears. But no. One has to reel it in.  One has to stay. One has to keep it together. 

Happy teachers’ day on Thursday. 


11 Jan

I woke up with a start, the cold wind whipping on my dry, salty cheeks. I shuddered, my gaze falling on the fire. The last thing that I remembered before I fell into sweet slumber was how brightly and beautifully it burnt: how it had warmed me against the chill, how the flames danced before my eyes. It was foolish to have it burn so fiercely: I am now left with the weak embers, stirring with the wind, then losing its glow to the ash. I knelt before it, trying to revive it with my stale breath. A small glow, but not enough to sustain the brief kindle. Soon enough my tears were falling on it, suffocating what little remained of what was  last night a magnificent blaze. I sat back as I watched it die. The sky was slowly moving to a purple dawn. Daylight would come soon, but all I could feel was the empty chill.