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Where is Basilio?

27 Feb

My sister told me that today Basilio did not show up for meals. Since Sunday he had been a bit lethargic and had very little appetite. And now he hasn’t returned. I have blogged about Basilio before, about six years ago, when he went missing when he was still a kitten. At that time we thought that he was gone forever, until my dad started asking around the neighborhood and found out that a little kid had kept him as a pet for a while, after he ended up at their house.

Now, I don’t know if there will be a happy reunion, as he is now older, more gruff and because we never had him neutered, more battle-scarred. He had always been an outside cat, but since our other male cat, Nemon, disappeared, he became more aloof and the traces of that sweet cat was gone. It was only recently that my sister had convinced him to come inside the house and sometimes he would sleep in her room.

And then this. If there is anything I know about cats, it’s that they tend to make themselves scarce when they are sick… and sometimes they never come back. They won’t return home to die.

I want to be optimistic about this. After all, it wasn’t the first time that he had been away from home longer than a couple of days as an adult. Maybe it is the stress from work, but I have this ominous feeling that I will never see him again.

Everything is just so stressful.


The Nekrophile

28 Apr

My brother, who is at home working on a project (I think) gave me some distressing news about this particular black lab.


A dead kitten was found a couple of days ago inside the property. We actually had a suspicion that it she killed it when it had strayed inside, as the other dogs in the street don’t pay any mind to cats. This dead kitten (who is not from our new litter) was buried. Then Blitzen took it out yesterday. She was caught and tied, and the cat buried again, a hollow block over the grave.


This morning my brother told me that the cat is not in its grave and nowhere to be found. The assumption is that Blitzen ate it. Ate an entire dead cat. Now my mom is threatening to sell the dog because of all the trouble she gets into.

It’s particularly distressing as we have a litter of five kittens. She might end up killing them should they step out of the house. And I have no idea how they can control her and not make her do just that, when it is likely that she had already killed and thought of cats (or kittens) as meal.


For sale?

Both fascinated and and horrified.

14 Feb

That’s what I feel about this video.

Also the reason why I keep listening to a particular 80s mix at 8tracks. It’s 6 hours long but I always get to hear it whenever I put that playlist on.

Sooo…. Valentine’s day. On a Sunday. Spent it like I would any other weekend, except with Netflix for hours on end. It’s no big deal to me. I guess it was a bigger deal to me when I was single. That’s what I noticed on my scant social feed. The usual contact who posts religious/motivational stuff all of a sudden writing about, “this will soon pass” accompanied by an animu screenshot of a girl eating a bouquet of flowers. So yeah, an ordinary day, an ordinary weekend only with actual productive work done. Yesterday when my housemate told me that we might have a Valentine’s day lunch, I said something about that being no big deal. Maybe that’s why I got uninvited. Lols.

Hahhh. Oh well.

I called home, talked to my mom and taught her how to access Netflix, saw my new dog looking like a younger version of my old dog. But yeah, Kyo’s personality is totally different from Blitzy. I feel sad that I miss him as much even until now. I fear that this hole in my heart will last forever.

Damn, I’m gonna cry while listening to Wang Chung’s “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”.

Fucking distressing

22 Nov

Before I left for Indonesia this past August, our cat Mikan had a litter of three kittens. All of them were orange and were named according to the white markings on their legs: Short Socks, Long Socks and No Socks.

When they were a few weeks old, Mikan started going out of the house presumably to take the kitties with her and learn them things that cats do outside. Short Socks and Long Socks came with her, but No Socks (since renamed Orange) stayed at home. The next day, Mikan came back but the two kitties didn’t. It was only a couple of weeks later that a small and malnourished Short Socks (renamed Tiny) came back home. Tiny lived rough and likely did not eat well when she was outside. When she came back she was half the size of Orange.

My sister said that a skinny orange cat was seen hanging around inside the property, but they couldn’t tell if it was the lost Long Socks. We will never know as the cat kept avoiding them and hiding, and eventually did not come back.

Anyway, so my sister sent me this photo of Orange and Tiny:


Tiny suddenly became weak and died on the next day. Here is a photo of Orange grooming Tiny after she passed:


My sister put Tiny in a box and buried her in the yard. That was three days ago. This morning she sent me a distressed message telling me that our labrador Blitzen had been trying to dig up Tiny and this morning had succeeded in getting the body out and was trying to eat it! Such a nice thing to know after breakfast! But I feel sorry for my sister that she had to bury Tiny’s decomposing body again. And then Blitzy. She will be likely tied up all day at my grandmother’s verandah. My sister said that my mom is actually planning to return her to the seller because of how disruptive she has become. But yeah, idk, a dog being a dog in the worst case. I’ve really been thinking that perhaps Kyo was really just different. He didn’t cause any trouble: didn’t dig up the trash or any of the dead animals that had been buried in our yard during his ten years with us. Didn’t chase the cats. In fact, the cats liked him enough to turn him into a bed or give him a sleazy cat massage (yes).

I am seriously considering taking Blitzen here to Indonesia, if all things are favorable to keeping a dog. That is, if I live in a house, either alone or with people who don’t mind having a dog in the premises. Well, I myself am unsure of how things will be here with regards to me and my job. I hate it, but I guess I will just have to wait and see.

The persistence of memory.

1 Nov

Kyo and Nemo. One staring, the other glaring.

Yesterday was my first day at the gym. I was with a couple of coworkers, and it looks like it will be a daily thing for us. Daily! Though I think I will have to skip Wednesdays because there is no way that I can get out of school before 5 pm due to my CCA.

The boyfriend and I will be spending the Christmas holidays here in Indonesia. Which means I won’t be coming home. I really do wanna go home, if only to pat Blitzy, who everyone ignores and hates on for always rummaging the thrash (and worse – cat litter) and almost killing my dad’s rooster once. Everyone is just too busy, and I can’t really blame them.

There are days when I remember Kyo. Mainly when I’m sad or teetering on the edge of desperation. But he will never return to us, and he can never be replaced.

Damn, I want to cry. I want to write more about this but I guess I just cannot.

Left mah little Blitzy

22 Aug

Currently on a flight to Jakarta. A couple more hours before we land. I am a little sleepy from the wine. That would be a good thing as I will proceed to Semarang tomorrow around noon. Yep, I got a job. It was a long wait, but not being able to go to Germany as planned and wasting a work year is not a very nice option. I actually had three offers, and this one just happened to have a better salary package and they were real quick about it – so fast I got the letter of offer without being interviewed. Lol. My friend Mark from uni submitted my CV, so I guess my work experience was enough and he probably also vouched for me. So here I am, on my way back to Jakarta. Hoping that it will be a good transition. Hoping that it will be a good year. I’ve never been to Semarang, I don’t know anyone from there, but it’s a fresh start. All one can do is work hard and hope for the best.


Wrote that post during the flight. Currently at a hotel in Pluit, North Jakarta, waiting to get picked up and taken to the airport for my noon flight to Semarang.

I’m gonna miss my dog. And my kittehs, including the three little ones.


Goofy little Blitzeh. Scars made by unknown evil cat.


What I have always aspired for in life.


Temp names: Long Socks, Short Socks, No Socks

A long delayed eulogy.

8 Aug
Old boy.

Old boy.

This is a post that I had long avoided writing.

Kyo, our family’s black labrador retriever, died on January 23, 2015, from old age. He was ten years old.

The last time that I saw him was September the previous year, when I came home for the weekend to bring my boyfriend home and introduce him to my family. At that time, he was an intern at a journalism college in Manila. It was a very poignant time, one that I didn’t think would happen: my boyfriend meeting my dog. xD

I guess I have always been a dog person. After all, my first memories as a child was a dog named Jeprox. My family had always had at least one dog at any time, and I’ve had many memorable ones and a few favorites. But I guess high up on that favorite list is Kyo.

Kyo was given to us by our cousin at a time when our dogs died one after the other and the only one we had was the forever puppy Garodog. Even Garodog was getting on in age, and was already almost blind with cataracts.

So Kyo came to our lives in 2005, as a puppy almost as big as an adult mutt. We had to take him from Sampaloc, Manila, via public transportation, in a box, without a leash. How my brother and I managed it is a feat in itself. Lol. He peed on the box when we were on the jeep back home, but I guess he was too cute that the driver forgave him for it. (Or it was too dark that he didn’t notice.)

He was a boisterous dog, so playful that he once ran after a bath and accidentally slipped and landed on his tail with a loud, human-like cry. That tail was a little crooked from then on.

What we liked about him most was how smart he was. He knew basic commands, and was a creature of routine. At 2 PM sharp he would be demanding to be fed. He liked baths, and would come over when we say ‘Ligo’. Needless to say, our biggest dog ever was the easiest to coax to a bath. My only regret was that I never took him to the sea, or a river, or a pool. He would have liked that so much.

He was pretty laid-back. He was relaxed around cats, although he did get the rare swipes from Neko, just because she is an evil boss.

A younger Basil who liked Kyo for a bed.

A younger Basil who liked Kyo for a bed.

Kyo and little Basil in happier times.

Kyo and little Basil in happier times.

He liked summer… mostly because of mangoes. He’d wait for it to fall, and then look for a ripe fruit to munch on.

He loved mangoes.


When I started working in Indonesia in 2009, the only one I ever really missed was Kyo… because everyone else can text or call or Skype, but with a dog it is about the entire tactile experience. I always asked about him whenever I called home, and even gave him commands to bark while on Skype. He seemed happy to hear my voice. And whenever I went home, seeing him again was the thing I most looked forward to. And every time I had to go away again, him looking at me as I go is something that I try to commit to memory. Then I would wait and anticipate the time that I would be able to see him again.

That was why it was very hard for me to write about it after he died. I remember days in my flat in Jakarta, just lying in bed, crying and wondering how it would be to come home without Kyo around. Just the idea of his absence was unbearable, and I had that feeling until almost half a year after. When I did come home, my grief was muted. But it was just never the same. Waking up, opening the door, seeing the empty bacony, the empty kitchen floor. Just the days passing by with that glaring hole in my existence. Cats all round, but no dog to pat, no dog to sit next to, no dog to wake me up in the mornings with his moist, inquisitive nose. It was the feeling of emptiness and loneliness, I was there but he wasn’t. I missed him so much.

A couple of weeks after going back home, we decided to get another black labrador. I found one on an online selling site, which was really just a last resort because I couldn’t manage to find a breeder nearby. Fortunately, this seller that I found lived in the next town, and so one afternoon in June, we came and picked up Blitzen. I wanted to call her Kyoko, but the she had been so used to the name her former owner gave her. It was a lucky find because she was up to date with her vaccines and vet visits, and the owner took good care of her. She was already six months old when we got her, around the time since Kyo passed. So in a sense, for me, Kyo’s spirit lives on with her.

Little Blitzen and butt.

Little Blitzen and butt.