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Mild summer days

28 Mar

Been back home for three days now, and halfway til I go away again. It’s been a real lazy summer, minimal reading, planned to only see one friend, a scheduled visit to the internet provider and then getting my hair fixed afterwards. Okay, that was supposed to be done today, but then it was a little cloudy. In fact it showered, very briefly. But I can use any old excuse to stay at home. 

Most of my time is wasted with playing Best Fiends. I did watch a couple of episodes of The Wire but today it is just laying back with them kitties, being a cat bed. I’ll sort out some of my books and see what I can bring along to the salon tomorrow. 


New year. 

3 Jan

As is typical in the Philippines, there are loud firecrackers and bright fireworks displays in neighbourhoods. Although the practice has been largely discouraged by the government due to accidents that result in injuries and amputations, there are still private individuals who buy fireworks in the belief that the loud noise will drive away evil and bring good fortune (although that is doubtful if you lose one or two fingers or worse); also because fireworks makes the new year more festive (this I can agree with).
Anyway, that being said, New Year’s Eve is the bane of our pets. The loud noise scares them. Neko hid in the walk-in closet. The other cats, with the exception of Basilio who stood chillaxed by the laundry, scampered away in search of a nook to get away from the explosive noise. One of the kittens, called Long-Tailed Ugly (yes), was missing for a couple of hours and came through the window that I left open at past 2 am.

But Blitzy was a revelation. Our labrador, who turned two as the clock struck twelve, seemed unbothered by all the racket. Perhaps she was appropriately named. Perhaps she is already deaf. Lol. We had to tether her to her leash because we were afraid that she would run to the firecrackers, because all night she had been running towards the direction of the noise. While we were having our midnight dinner, here she was by the door:

She seemed unperturbed by the firecrackers last year, too, according to my mother, but they had been proactive and let her inside the house. They thought that it was because it was her first NYE, she was still unafraid. New Year and Christmas had always been a stressful time for our dogs and cats. So it was a great thing to know that Blitzen is not scared of all the noise. I feel sorry when I see them scared shitless. 

Jakarta tomorrow evening. 

13 Jul

It’s the day before my flight back to Indonesia. Right now, spending time lying on the sofa, idly watching whatever is on the TV. I’m gonna miss just hanging out at home, even if it’s almost always uncomfortably hot. I didn’t catch up on my reading. I didn’t really go out except for meeting up with Rosa (twice), attending Tina’s wedding, and visiting my cousin. Fortunately I didn’t have to go to the POEA satellite office to procure an exit certificate. So it’s basically just me at home for three weeks. And it’s gonna be over soon.

I have an almost daily collection of kitty cat piles. I’m gonna spare the readers (if any?) by putting up only one.

Curious kittens smitten by the blue flame.

The five kitties with their grumpy great grandmother.

Orange was spayed last Saturday and had to spend time in our bedroom after surgery. She wasn’t used to not having a regular litter box and had peed only three times in two days. When she was let out, the first thing she did was go directly to the litter box and let out a huge poop. 💩 Never was it more satisfying to watch a pet defecate.

Basil visibly flinches as Neko stares at him.

Blitzy has become better-behaved.

I don’t know if I’m gonna be back during term break. My sister and I are playing with the idea of going to Singapore for a couple of days in October.

Hopefully, I’d spend the Christmas holidays with my boyfriend in Germany. Let’s see.

The Nekrophile

28 Apr

My brother, who is at home working on a project (I think) gave me some distressing news about this particular black lab.


A dead kitten was found a couple of days ago inside the property. We actually had a suspicion that it she killed it when it had strayed inside, as the other dogs in the street don’t pay any mind to cats. This dead kitten (who is not from our new litter) was buried. Then Blitzen took it out yesterday. She was caught and tied, and the cat buried again, a hollow block over the grave.


This morning my brother told me that the cat is not in its grave and nowhere to be found. The assumption is that Blitzen ate it. Ate an entire dead cat. Now my mom is threatening to sell the dog because of all the trouble she gets into.

It’s particularly distressing as we have a litter of five kittens. She might end up killing them should they step out of the house. And I have no idea how they can control her and not make her do just that, when it is likely that she had already killed and thought of cats (or kittens) as meal.


For sale?

Fucking distressing

22 Nov

Before I left for Indonesia this past August, our cat Mikan had a litter of three kittens. All of them were orange and were named according to the white markings on their legs: Short Socks, Long Socks and No Socks.

When they were a few weeks old, Mikan started going out of the house presumably to take the kitties with her and learn them things that cats do outside. Short Socks and Long Socks came with her, but No Socks (since renamed Orange) stayed at home. The next day, Mikan came back but the two kitties didn’t. It was only a couple of weeks later that a small and malnourished Short Socks (renamed Tiny) came back home. Tiny lived rough and likely did not eat well when she was outside. When she came back she was half the size of Orange.

My sister said that a skinny orange cat was seen hanging around inside the property, but they couldn’t tell if it was the lost Long Socks. We will never know as the cat kept avoiding them and hiding, and eventually did not come back.

Anyway, so my sister sent me this photo of Orange and Tiny:


Tiny suddenly became weak and died on the next day. Here is a photo of Orange grooming Tiny after she passed:


My sister put Tiny in a box and buried her in the yard. That was three days ago. This morning she sent me a distressed message telling me that our labrador Blitzen had been trying to dig up Tiny and this morning had succeeded in getting the body out and was trying to eat it! Such a nice thing to know after breakfast! But I feel sorry for my sister that she had to bury Tiny’s decomposing body again. And then Blitzy. She will be likely tied up all day at my grandmother’s verandah. My sister said that my mom is actually planning to return her to the seller because of how disruptive she has become. But yeah, idk, a dog being a dog in the worst case. I’ve really been thinking that perhaps Kyo was really just different. He didn’t cause any trouble: didn’t dig up the trash or any of the dead animals that had been buried in our yard during his ten years with us. Didn’t chase the cats. In fact, the cats liked him enough to turn him into a bed or give him a sleazy cat massage (yes).

I am seriously considering taking Blitzen here to Indonesia, if all things are favorable to keeping a dog. That is, if I live in a house, either alone or with people who don’t mind having a dog in the premises. Well, I myself am unsure of how things will be here with regards to me and my job. I hate it, but I guess I will just have to wait and see.

Let sleeping dogs (and cats) lie

29 Dec


And from a few days ago:


So, it’s been a year already.

26 Nov

Forgive me while I wax sentimental. :<


So here’s Maru in this place that he dragged himself to after disappearing for two days. He passed that night and we had him buried right on that spot.

Okay, I won’t wax sentimental. :<