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As luck would have it…

7 Feb

Last Friday we were able to clock out by noon, a couple of hours after the Chinese New Year program. I went with three other coworkers to a mall, and I decided to take the chance to apply for a postpaid mobile data account with Telkomsel. My other coworker got hers, but I wasn’t as lucky as they wanted an additional document. Anyway, I didn’t feel so bad about it because 1) my prepaid Telkomsel data subscription sucked and I was doubtful about it improving just because it’s postpaid; 2) 4G is still on an ‘trial phase’ at my current location in Central Java; 3) I was in a conundrum about getting a new number: if I wanted to upgrade my current mobile number to postpaid, it cannot be downgraded to prepaid, so I was considering getting a new number to try it out first. My phone is dual SIM so it was no issue.

Them telling me to return a different day with a domicili made me decide to just go a different route. So I went to a shop a few steps away and bought a new SIM card with a different network provider. It was not so bad: a total of 10GB, more than half of it via their 4G network, for less than 90k IDR. Not so bad at all.

And then today, when I checked my mail, I found out that I could actually access Netflix again. When Netflix rolled out their international subscriptions, I signed up immediately. But then a week later Telkom Indonesia promptly blocked it because they wanted Netflix to follow local censorship laws. I couldn’t even access their website to cancel my subscription. But then now there is no need to… because the new SIM I bought for data is not a subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia. Yaaaaz. I feel a little silly because I should have figured it out a long time ago. Lol.

It’s a long weekend because of the Chinese New Year, though I do need to get work done. But I am just happy that I can do it with Making a Murderer in the background.