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9 Dec

Saturday that was meant to be spent marking papers was instead spent lazy and in bed. Maybe I will give it my best tomorrow? Just now I was watching a Japanese show on Netflix called Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salary Man. It is literal food porn. Like 12 minutes into the pilot Kantaro is in ecstasy while waiting for his anmitsu. Anyway, why does it always have to be about food? There is this other show on Netflix with the same theme… a retired guy off to enjoy his newly found free time by treating himself to nice meals. It is too hard to watch especially when one is on a diet. But lol, who am I kidding? Here I am typing away with my Starbucks lemonade, having just finished a panini. I broke my four-day keto diet streak a couple of days ago, and I figure I can allow myself another day since I will be heading to a birthday party with a rumored eight-course meal later for dinner. Maybe I will give it my all tomorrow?

It’s unbelievable but it’s the holidays again in a week. I have already booked all my flights (and am now poor by USD700) but other than the empty sensation in my pocket it hasn’t sunk in yet. Going home, being there for a few days, and then heading to Taiwan with J. Maybe for the last time? I don’t know. An empty feeling that hasn’t sunk in yet. Uncertainties are like that.

I wish I can wait for it, like how our guy Kantaro anticipates his sweet anmitsu.


Ore no kono kimochi wo~

4 Sep

Really wish they had a video. Or I can just use my imagination.

What’s playing tonight

4 Jul

2013-07-04 19.25.18

Cowpers and toe.

RIP Hideki Yoshimura

15 Jun

Been recently out of the loop. I had been so busy with work and other stuff that I had little time for everything else that I used to do before. I got rid of my fb and I haven’t been around much. Found out just now, when I visited DA on a whim, that Yoshimura Hideki of the Bloodthirsty Butchers had passed on the 27th of May. He was 46.

I always thought that when I do have a chance to visit Japan, I’d go to one of their lives. They always seemed to be around. Not anymore. Now I want to cry.

I dance alone.

19 Apr


‘Yun lang.


No Jakarta show this year :<

17 Mar

toe recently announced an Asian tour and they’re coming to Manila on the 19th of April. I’m checking flight schedules. Fucking crazy. It’s unlikely that I’ll do something crazy like go back home for a weekend to watch a concert. It’s on a Friday, too, on a week where we have work. Le sigh.

All I want for Christmas is OIMH3

18 Dec

Hm, right.

Anyway, here’s a clip from Omoide in My Head 3 about how Number Girl started out. Translations are by Marekenshin of the Distortional Addict forums.

“This is Number Girl”

Summer, 1995, Fukuoka City, Kyuushuu

Here is the heart, the spirit of Fukuoka.
In this asphalt jungle, there was a man with too much free time.

“Hey, Mukai, welcome.”

“Nakao Kentarou works here?”
“He’s doing lighting right now.”

“Oh, Mukai, it’s been a while. What’s up?”

“Well, I’m going to do a live, and I was wondering if you’d lend me a hand.

I want your rude but straight-cut bass.”


“For guitar, there’s this really good kid.”
“Oh, really.”

“Yeah, I wonder if she’d be willing to be in our band.”
“Oh really, I’ll call her right now.”
He was a high-handed guy.

(some days later)

“Ah, hello, Inazawa? This is Mukai…

How about it? Will you do it with us?”

“Hello, I’m Inazawa.”

They started rehearsing.
“It’s like this”

“Alright, we can do a live with this.”

And so…

“Alright, Number Girl is next.”

And that’s how Number Girl started.
“Oh, whoops.”