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Guilty pleasure

20 Jan

Somehow I ended up watching From 5 to 9 yesterday. It had been years since I last earnestly watched a j-dorama. I was pretty much into it especially before I started working in Indonesia. I had also watched a handful of them on Neflix, but not with the same dedication or frequency as I had before. And Yamapi! Back then I was on a mission to watch everything he had ever appeared in. And so when I watched this 2015 dorama… 

Yeah, I’ll just leave that to your imagination. 

Anyway, considering that it had been a long time, I’ve come to realize just how different I view things these days. For one, From 5 to 9 has some pretty cringe-worthy scenes: every stolen kiss is pretty much sexual harrassment, and Yamapi’s Takane is a creepy stalker. Good thing he is so good-looking! You can stalk me anytime!!! (Love you, J!) And also… I thought Buddhist monks have to have shaved heads! And why is he so rich? Isn’t his car too nice for someone who is supposed to have relinquished all wordly possessions? 

But then I stuck through all 10 episodes of it, binge-watched till 1.30 am, then did almost nothing all Saturday except stay glued to my screen. I guess it is good to turn off your brain once in a while and just enjoy the experience and be entertained. It’s a shame that for me j-dorama has become a guilty pleasure. Practical stuff, real life, adulting…. I have to consciously make myself escape reality to not spoil the fun. 

I’m not gonna lie. I had fun. Tears were shed. I felt happy and satisfied. It’s not the best, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. 

Next up, Code Blue Season 3!



9 Dec

Saturday that was meant to be spent marking papers was instead spent lazy and in bed. Maybe I will give it my best tomorrow? Just now I was watching a Japanese show on Netflix called Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salary Man. It is literal food porn. Like 12 minutes into the pilot Kantaro is in ecstasy while waiting for his anmitsu. Anyway, why does it always have to be about food? There is this other show on Netflix with the same theme… a retired guy off to enjoy his newly found free time by treating himself to nice meals. It is too hard to watch especially when one is on a diet. But lol, who am I kidding? Here I am typing away with my Starbucks lemonade, having just finished a panini. I broke my four-day keto diet streak a couple of days ago, and I figure I can allow myself another day since I will be heading to a birthday party with a rumored eight-course meal later for dinner. Maybe I will give it my all tomorrow?

It’s unbelievable but it’s the holidays again in a week. I have already booked all my flights (and am now poor by USD700) but other than the empty sensation in my pocket it hasn’t sunk in yet. Going home, being there for a few days, and then heading to Taiwan with J. Maybe for the last time? I don’t know. An empty feeling that hasn’t sunk in yet. Uncertainties are like that.

I wish I can wait for it, like how our guy Kantaro anticipates his sweet anmitsu.

Goodbye, weekend.

16 Oct

Just finishing up with stuff before bed, Billie Holliday singing in the backrgound. The problem with me is I should have done the work earlier today instead of after dinner. The same for listening to music. It gives me such a pleasant feeling, no matter how bittersweet the song is, that I just want to keep the music playing. But of course I can’t do that: tomorrow is the start of another week, and tomorrow is particularly busy. Tomorrow! I’ll give it my all… tomorrow!  

I haven’t been keeping up with bullet journalling lately. Yes, I did attempt it last term, and it at least helped me be mindful of tasks and goals, but I often fall behind when there is a disruption (such as a holiday) or when I got so much work (such as the start of last week). So yeah, gotta make time for it again tomorrow. It would be a shame to not put all those Muji stationeries and supplies I splurged on while in Singapore. Lol. 

Also, I ordered a couple of books from bookdepository.co.uk. I’m a sucker for email promotions: 5% off. I’m expecting The Trick is to Keep Breathing by Janice Galloway and Asano Inio’s A Girl on the Shore (Girl by the Sea when it first came out as a scanlation) in a few weeks. Early birthday treat, I guess.

Jakarta bookshelf

3 Dec


Nice and crowded. :D

Love is always like an illusion

9 Sep

I finished typesetting¬†Moteki chapter 4 today. Finally! It took me a week to get it done. Or more like, two or three days, since I was always procrastinating. Anyway, what I like about typesetting mango I actually follow is that I get to read it ahead of the releases (duh!) and that makes me work faster. Lol. Well, I haven’t been as productive as that time before I started working (IRL) again, but I hope to manage my time and tame that relentless beast called laziness (hah!) and be efficient irl and scanlation-wise.



Anyway, I like where this story is going. I’m also pretty excited since chapter 13 has a GOING STEADY song and chapter 29 has NUMBER GIRL. I hope I’m still on board when that rolls around. Number Girl; Trampoline Girl, at that! One of my favorite songs from my favorite band! <Insert crazy fangirl monologue here.>Music x manga = death by nosebleed.


Monday’s almost here. Give it a big hug.

Lazy Sunday

12 Aug

Went to Kino in Plaza Senayan yesterday. Here’s the loot:


Shame that the other mango volumes on my wish list weren’t available. Maybe on another day. ;)

Been doing nothing all weekend, which is, surprisingly, something unusual. I often squeeze in some work, but today, I’ve just been reading and sleeping. I’m already on holiday mode, that’s why. I still have three more work days before that two-week holiday break, but yeah, let it breeze through without incident. I’ll give it my all… Tomorrow.

Work in progress

11 Jul


Still working on the typeset for Umimachi Diary chapter 2. I don’t have a study table yet so I’m working in the living room. The table is a bit low so it’s bad on this old lady’s back. Lol. Looks like this is gonna have to wait some more…