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Gives me goosebumps each time.

18 Jul


Seeking a friend for the end of the world

19 May

My brother sent me a text last night, “Chris Cornell is dead.”

Somehow, I wasn’t surprised. I haven’t thought of Chris Cornell or Soundgarden or Audioslave in years, but the information didn’t really shock me. The news was just breaking, and my brother suggested it could have been an overdose. I was thinking it was suicide.

I have a cassette copy of his solo album Euphoria Morning, from when I either just graduated high school or just started college. Back in those days money was really scarce, and even if there was Limewire I didn’t have the funds to buy a cheap MP3 player. So it is one of the few records that I bought during my lean years, and it was one of the albums I often listened to on our old karaoke/cassette player.

I was struck with how melancholy his songs were. The cheeky lines: “I only love you when I’m down… I’m down all the time.” The lonely hopefulness of “Preaching the End of the World”. I listened to it again just now (on YouTube), and as with feelings long hidden and forgotten, it suddenly came to the surface. When I first listened to that song, it was years before a major depressive episode, but somehow the words were prescient, like a person I was bound to meet later on. Okay, maybe I was just an angsty teenager like most teenagers were then, but the words evoked a familiarity akin to a stranger that you somehow felt like a friend.

Wave goodbye, now. Before I uglycry. Lol.

Goodbye, weekend.

16 Oct

Just finishing up with stuff before bed, Billie Holliday singing in the backrgound. The problem with me is I should have done the work earlier today instead of after dinner. The same for listening to music. It gives me such a pleasant feeling, no matter how bittersweet the song is, that I just want to keep the music playing. But of course I can’t do that: tomorrow is the start of another week, and tomorrow is particularly busy. Tomorrow! I’ll give it my all… tomorrow!  

I haven’t been keeping up with bullet journalling lately. Yes, I did attempt it last term, and it at least helped me be mindful of tasks and goals, but I often fall behind when there is a disruption (such as a holiday) or when I got so much work (such as the start of last week). So yeah, gotta make time for it again tomorrow. It would be a shame to not put all those Muji stationeries and supplies I splurged on while in Singapore. Lol. 

Also, I ordered a couple of books from bookdepository.co.uk. I’m a sucker for email promotions: 5% off. I’m expecting The Trick is to Keep Breathing by Janice Galloway and Asano Inio’s A Girl on the Shore (Girl by the Sea when it first came out as a scanlation) in a few weeks. Early birthday treat, I guess.

Taking out my iPod from retirement

3 Jun

The bluetooth speakers I ordered online arrived today. Great timing as it’s a weekend. My iPod is finally out of an unofficial retirement.


Because I haven’t had daily long commutes since I worked in Indonesia (in 2009), I’ve listened to music less and less until it just wasn’t part of my routine anymore. I do miss those days, because I derived so much pleasure by listening to stuff I found interesting, even those I couldn’t understand because they were in Japanese! Finding something nice from related artists, discovering a song I’d end up listening to on repeat… It’s days when I feel a total absence of what I had before that makes growing old a little sad. Now I’m more occupied with work, making money, spending money, doing totally nothing to make up for the exhausting toils of daily life. It’s a regrettable thing. I live comfortably but I lost something, the enjoyment of simple pleasures, along the way.


19 Feb

Come on, 8tracks.

Been on 8tracks since 2011… and it’s been a nice experience. Until earlier this week, that is, when they changed their international streaming policies. The mobile phone apps are pretty useless, and when using a browser, it redirects to YouTube, which might not have the same version or sound quality in the originally uploaded playlist. Also, rarer or non-mainstream tracks might not be on YouTube at all.

8tracks was great for discovering music that I wouldn’t have heard any other way. And it was also where I uploaded carefully thought of playlists to share that I do not even have on my music player. So yeah, it’s such a shame that I won’t be able to enjoy listening in anymore just because I live outside North America. So much for the Internet.

I’m gonna start listing down the tracks on my playlists and then build them onto my music player. When that is done, I’m gonna delete them all. Sorry, guys, but I don’t see the point of keeping it there when I get nothing back (the privilege of listening to other people’s playlists).

Here I am floating round my tin can

11 Jan

David Bowie died today.

Or Sunday in New York.

I was always intrigued by his persona. I can’t even point out when that was, but I guess I was pretty late getting into his music. Of course I had an idea of who he was (skinny dude with odd make-up) but it was only after I saw his “Little Wonder” video that my interest was piqued. And after that his collaboration with Nine Inch Nails’ “I’m Afraid of Americans”. A little further and a Game boy title after, I started listening to some of his earlier stuff from his very long and prolific music career. Even watched a movie with him in a starring role (Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence). I only have one record of his, the 2CD concept album Outside. “The Hearts Filthy Lesson” and “Strangers When We Meet” are my favorite tracks. The latter is something I can relate to on a personal level. Somehow.

So, anyway, it is the first day back to work. I hated it. I felt exhausted just thinking of it, and after the day was done, I went straight home after the staff meeting, even when I had originally planned to stay late to work on this exam paper I have to set. I exchanged messages with my brother (David Bowie) and my boyfriend (nekkid baby photos), and then napped.

Sitting in front of my laptop, not doing any work, and in a bit I will go to sleep.

Escaping to sleep, yep.

And now I’m never the same girl twice

11 Oct