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Pa(i)nin the ass

15 Oct

Today is a sunny Saturday. I have just discovered that Panin has locked me out of my own bank account and that there is no way that I can do any transaction (whether online, POS or ATM) until I show up at the branch where the account was opened to get it re-activated again. 

I had used my Panin debit MasterCard a couple of times while I was in Singapore. Only a couple of times because their transaction limits were baffling and inconvenient. My humble BCA card (basic with only Cirrus and Maestro) was more flexible in that I was able to withdraw much more money for mindless spending. 

Anyway, it only occured to me that there was something wrong with my Panin account when I tried topping up my pulsa today. I totally thought that my failed POS payment at Gelael using the card last Monday was a fluke (I got saved from embarrassment once again by my BCA card). So I called their contact centre and got served the awful truth: I have money but I cannot get to it until after the weekend. 

They should have at least informed me beforehand that they were locking out my account for my own security, right? Instead I had to find it out on my own, on a weekend, at least one week after the fact. Maybe it was deactivated when I was still in Singapore. Who knows. 

Anyway, I sent a lengthy email to communicate to them in nicer words what a pain in the ass this all is. Let’s see if anyone even reads it.