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Goodbye, weekend.

16 Oct

Just finishing up with stuff before bed, Billie Holliday singing in the backrgound. The problem with me is I should have done the work earlier today instead of after dinner. The same for listening to music. It gives me such a pleasant feeling, no matter how bittersweet the song is, that I just want to keep the music playing. But of course I can’t do that: tomorrow is the start of another week, and tomorrow is particularly busy. Tomorrow! I’ll give it my all… tomorrow!  

I haven’t been keeping up with bullet journalling lately. Yes, I did attempt it last term, and it at least helped me be mindful of tasks and goals, but I often fall behind when there is a disruption (such as a holiday) or when I got so much work (such as the start of last week). So yeah, gotta make time for it again tomorrow. It would be a shame to not put all those Muji stationeries and supplies I splurged on while in Singapore. Lol. 

Also, I ordered a couple of books from bookdepository.co.uk. I’m a sucker for email promotions: 5% off. I’m expecting The Trick is to Keep Breathing by Janice Galloway and Asano Inio’s A Girl on the Shore (Girl by the Sea when it first came out as a scanlation) in a few weeks. Early birthday treat, I guess.



13 Jan

Typesetting chapter 48 of Sing Yesterday for Me made me listen to this song again. Think of it as a weird product of word suggestion because even if I’m working on this chapter, I haven’t even finished reading volume one of this series. Anyway, the song kinda fits, and lol, the 90’s. I don’t think I really appreciated this song until now.


18 Dec

Ah, I don’t feel like going out of the house today. I should start working on that backlog, anyway.

And maybe watch that Number Girl DVD again while I’m at it.



21 Oct


No Internet, no screen grab. This is what my desktop looks like. Still a bit cluttered. I love this toe wallpaper. Kashikura Takashi is awesome. I should stop writing in clipped, disjointed sentences.


I was just about to upload Moteki c7 for qc when my internets crapped out on me. It's not back on yet. I guess I should make use of the time to read. (Didn't I post before that I couldn't put The Marriage Plot down? Turns out I could.) Or maybe do real-life work. (Ugh. Weekends didn't use to be so hectic! Right? Right.) Monday's almost here. That's the cue for that Boomtown Rats song.


Love is always like an illusion

9 Sep

I finished typesetting Moteki chapter 4 today. Finally! It took me a week to get it done. Or more like, two or three days, since I was always procrastinating. Anyway, what I like about typesetting mango I actually follow is that I get to read it ahead of the releases (duh!) and that makes me work faster. Lol. Well, I haven’t been as productive as that time before I started working (IRL) again, but I hope to manage my time and tame that relentless beast called laziness (hah!) and be efficient irl and scanlation-wise.



Anyway, I like where this story is going. I’m also pretty excited since chapter 13 has a GOING STEADY song and chapter 29 has NUMBER GIRL. I hope I’m still on board when that rolls around. Number Girl; Trampoline Girl, at that! One of my favorite songs from my favorite band! <Insert crazy fangirl monologue here.>Music x manga = death by nosebleed.


Monday’s almost here. Give it a big hug.

Scanlation drama

4 Aug



Work in progress

11 Jul


Still working on the typeset for Umimachi Diary chapter 2. I don’t have a study table yet so I’m working in the living room. The table is a bit low so it’s bad on this old lady’s back. Lol. Looks like this is gonna have to wait some more…