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Pleasant surpriseĀ 

3 Aug

This morning my Go-Car cancelled, so I had to call for a Blue Bird. I was pleasantly surprised that my driver was female and had a hijab. Okay, female taxi drivers were few, but they definitely had them in Jakarta. I was surprised that I would encounter one in Semarang. 

It’s a breath of fresh air after all the stress my boyfriend and I are going through, courtesy of his slut friend. Wish I could write more but it’s left me all exhausted and besides, I have a paying job to attend to. 


Long weekend in Jakarta

8 May

I decided to go at it very late, but it was worth it to go to Jakarta for the four-day weekend. It was too short but really well worth it. Details later? Anyway, that wonderful weekend ended with terrible thing associated with that inevitable return to reality. For one, the Garuda Airport lounge was a real waste of money. And then the plane was delayed. And because it was delayed, we had to fly around until the runway was free, and now we are waiting for parking space to disembark. The airport in Semarang is really tiny. What I like about it is that getting off the plane and into a taxi takes about five minutes if you don’t have check in luggage. But at times like these it really sucks that it’s so small, because we should have arrived more than one hour ago, and instead we’re just sitting around, waiting, waiting.

Thanks, Garuda Indonesia. I’m gonna consider getting a cheaper flight next time.

Also, the guy sitting behind me kept coughing with his mouth open every two minutes for the duration of the flight. As if spreading spit and viruses was not enough, he also has really bad halitosis. So every time he coughs, the stink of his breath reaches me and uggggghhhh. Stinky McStinkface, please do the world a favor and just cough into your shirt. Ugh.