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Hey, friends, fly tigerair (soon to be scoot) at your own risk. 

17 Jun

I transited at Changi Airport last night. I had a tigerair flight to Manila and I was unpleasantly surprised by the fact that they were charging me 40SGD because my carry on luggage went beyond their 10kg limit. When my backpack was being weighed, I told the staff that my heavy laptop was inside. He said it should be included and even told me have the stuff I bought at the airport be weighed as well, despite my protests. I booked my flight via Traveloka, where there was no information about such fees being applied. Today I also tried making a booking on their website and there was no info on that either. 

In contrast, if you look at the FlyBagEat option, you only need to add 44 SGD to have more legroom, 30kg checked in baggage, 15kg hand carried baggage, and a meal. But of course it is not in their best interest to let their customers know that. There were also many angry and frustrated passengers who were caught unaware last night. Most of them just paid up. Some were even trying to bargain. One guy started layering his clothes. I just sulked with a very angry face. 

So yeah, I have already made complaints to Traveloka and also Changi Aiport (I mean come on, I buy stuff at the airport and it has to be weighed, too?). Not gonna complain to tigerair, but I told all of my friends to avoid it. 

Anyway, if you’re flying tigerair (or scoot, since they have already merged and tigerair will no longer be known by that name), here are some tips to not let them screw you over:

1. Ask a friend to hold your bags for you while you check in. 

2. If you don’t have a friend, left luggage is a cheaper option to letting a stranger watch your luggage for you (and in this day and age, no one will agree to that anyway). 

3. Do your shopping after checking in. 

You can have better use for 40SGD at the airport instead of losing it to these scammers. 


Back to reality.

2 Apr

Or at least back to Semarang. 

I flew out of the Philippines Friday night. Said goodbye to all the cats except for Tiny. He must’ve been sleeping somewhere on top of the ceiling escaping the heat. I’m gonna miss round little Blitzy. She’s been a good dog of late, only eating cat poop when no one is looking. Lol. 

I only had one mango this summer. Regrets. 

I spent the weekend in Jakarta with Shirley. Booked at a nice serviced apartment in Menteng. It was when I was browsing stuff at Grand Indonesia that I realized that I could have bought a bag for the price of that one night stay. Lol. But yeah, not really regretting it. We got to watch the midnight screening of Get Out and went back to very comfortable lodgings. The only regret that it was only one night instead of two. Lol. 

So anyway, I’m back in Semarang. I regret checking in one of my bags because it took like half an hour before I could pick it up. No fun waiting. 

Work again tomorrow, but at least for this week I’m only doing invigilations and teaching only one class. Not gonna be busy until I start checking papers, that is. Nevertheless, I’m happy with some respite. 

Will be home for a week

23 Mar

Term break starts Saturday, and I will be going home for that one week interlude between now and the prelim exams. This is the first time that I am actually not looking forward to going home because I can see how much money I am gonna blow just getting home and coming back to the workplace. But then I have some stuff that should be attended to that it necessitates me to go home. It’s for a pretty shitty reason. I’ll spare you.

So anyway, going via Singapore tomorrow. Arrival time is about the same as with going via Jakarta, so it’s not so bad.

At least I’ll get to see my dog and cats, right. Should be alright.

I hate commuting.

28 Jun

I attended my friend Tina’s wedding in Bulacan today. My friend Mark and I booked rooms yesterday at the venue which also happened to be a hotel. We realized too late that it wasn’t that far from Quezon City, and we should’ve just stayed at a hotel there and then traveled to the venue in the morning, especially as the rooms in Bulacan were super expensive. (I could’ve booked a room at Crowne Plaza Semarang at that price.) Anyway, before the celebration ended Mark and I escaped (lol) through a back door and went to Trinoma to catch the MRT. We parted ways there as we were getting off at different stations. I went to Boni to have my LG G4 repaired. I bought that phone while in Jakarta, so the warranty card and receipt were in Indonesia. I was willing to pay for the parts and service, but the guy who looked at my phone told me that it’d take a while for it to be returned to me because they weren’t sure if the parts were available and the software that they have might be “incompatible”, as if the correct version is difficult to Google. Anyway, the bootloop problem that my LG has is an acknowledged hardware malfunction of the G4: LG actually released a statement about it after much clamoring of affected users. But yeah, the technician at Boni are not exclusively repairing LG mobile phones, so that’s probably why they didn’t know how to fix it (which is to connect the parts that came loose). So yeah, I wasn’t gonna tell them what to do and there was no way in hell that I’d leave my phone there, so it looks like my phone will have to wait till I get to Semarang to get fixed. That’s three weeks away.
I tried getting an Uber going to the Asian Hospital, and I was very willing to pay at least 10x the bus fare for some comfort and much-needed aircon, but the Uber driver cancelled after making me wait. I texted him and then he replied that HE WAS WAITING SO LONG AND HE DIDN’T SEE ME AND THEN I DIDN’T REPLAY. All caps and replay. Disgusted, I walked to the other side of the street, huffing, puffing and sweating after all the steps that needed climbing. I greatly regretted not taking the point-to-point bus at Trinoma, especially after realizing that the Boni adventure was a total waste of time and energy. I’m just not used to commuting anymore. Indonesia spoiled me rotten with its readily available and generally reliable taxi service.
Anyway, the bus trip was terribly long, and the dude sitting next to me was so pissed off, muttering to himself about how hot and how slow we were travelling, as if his ranting will make anything better. It didn’t.
When I finally reached Alabang, I hesitated about going to the bank instead of to the mall. The decision was made when I felt like I needed to pee, so I made that long walk to the mall, my toes burning. Then I went to catch the van home. I was the last to ride. It was so hot inside but the only consolation was that it wasn’t a very long trip.
Days like this, I really want to have my own car.

Long weekend in Jakarta

8 May

I decided to go at it very late, but it was worth it to go to Jakarta for the four-day weekend. It was too short but really well worth it. Details later? Anyway, that wonderful weekend ended with terrible thing associated with that inevitable return to reality. For one, the Garuda Airport lounge was a real waste of money. And then the plane was delayed. And because it was delayed, we had to fly around until the runway was free, and now we are waiting for parking space to disembark. The airport in Semarang is really tiny. What I like about it is that getting off the plane and into a taxi takes about five minutes if you don’t have check in luggage. But at times like these it really sucks that it’s so small, because we should have arrived more than one hour ago, and instead we’re just sitting around, waiting, waiting.

Thanks, Garuda Indonesia. I’m gonna consider getting a cheaper flight next time.

Also, the guy sitting behind me kept coughing with his mouth open every two minutes for the duration of the flight. As if spreading spit and viruses was not enough, he also has really bad halitosis. So every time he coughs, the stink of his breath reaches me and uggggghhhh. Stinky McStinkface, please do the world a favor and just cough into your shirt. Ugh.

Rainy day

14 Dec

Sitting at the airport waiting area. It’s raining heavily outside. It’s more than 15 minutes past the boarding schedule for that Jakarta flight, but no calls as yet. This is disappointing as the main reason for taking a more expensive Garuda flight is because I hate flight delays so much. But then again, it could because of inclement weather. : ( I will just have to wait it out and hope that I won’t be waiting too long.

This is a badjaj.

29 Jul

An autorickshaw, locally known as badjaj. Tugu Tani in the background.

Went to Grand Indonesia yesterday with my flatmate. Visited the Kinokuniya branch, but the selections are a bit lacking. Looks like a Plaza Senayan trip is forthcoming. ;p