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Back to reality.

2 Apr

Or at least back to Semarang. 

I flew out of the Philippines Friday night. Said goodbye to all the cats except for Tiny. He must’ve been sleeping somewhere on top of the ceiling escaping the heat. I’m gonna miss round little Blitzy. She’s been a good dog of late, only eating cat poop when no one is looking. Lol. 

I only had one mango this summer. Regrets. 

I spent the weekend in Jakarta with Shirley. Booked at a nice serviced apartment in Menteng. It was when I was browsing stuff at Grand Indonesia that I realized that I could have bought a bag for the price of that one night stay. Lol. But yeah, not really regretting it. We got to watch the midnight screening of Get Out and went back to very comfortable lodgings. The only regret that it was only one night instead of two. Lol. 

So anyway, I’m back in Semarang. I regret checking in one of my bags because it took like half an hour before I could pick it up. No fun waiting. 

Work again tomorrow, but at least for this week I’m only doing invigilations and teaching only one class. Not gonna be busy until I start checking papers, that is. Nevertheless, I’m happy with some respite. 


Long weekend

4 Dec

It’s another long weekend, this time courtesy of the paranoia about the protests in Jakarta. I won’t be complaining because that’s one less day of work for me. Anyway, not that it mattered because I still went on Saturday for extra class for those who wanted to revise for Monday’s test.

So it is Sunday now and the weekend was spent mostly watching Bondi Vet on Netflix. Season 1 was produced as far back as 2007. I’ve followed a few vet reality shows on NatGeo and Animal Planet, but Bondi Vet is different in that they actually included clips where animals died or had to be put down. Pretty distressing sometimes but that is the reality in an actual vet clinic, I guess. You get dogs that get run over. :( Kinda sad but that keeps it real.

I’m still reading Waltzing with a Dictator, but only a few pages at a time. I have a four-book backlog on Goodreads, and I’m a little torn about changing my reading goal to something more achievable. Let’s see. I still got three weeks left, anyway.

I’ve had some cycling of moods recently. Mostly sad because of something that happened a week ago. But yeah, shit happens, I should be able to get over it, etc. The problem is I have a tendency to dwell, and sometimes it is difficult for me to pull myself from a rut. The only thing that would likely help is to haveĀ  a routine with activities that can keep me busy and productive, instead of just lying around and thinking of things that cannot be changed. So yeah, I’m trying to catch up on an EdX course that I am currently enrolled in, and then work on my bullet journal later. Cooking also helps keep me busy, although I get annoyed by the fact that I always seem to forget to buy something I had meant to get. Like yeast for my homemade pizza. Lol. Also mozz for said pizza. I suck. Especially since I blow money every time I do the groceries, and then I end up not getting what I need.


Goodbye, weekend.

16 Oct

Just finishing up with stuff before bed, Billie Holliday singing in the backrgound. The problem with me is I should have done the work earlier today instead of after dinner. The same for listening to music. It gives me such a pleasant feeling, no matter how bittersweet the song is, that I just want to keep the music playing. But of course I can’t do that: tomorrow is the start of another week, and tomorrow is particularly busy. Tomorrow! I’ll give it my all… tomorrow!  

I haven’t been keeping up with bullet journalling lately. Yes, I did attempt it last term, and it at least helped me be mindful of tasks and goals, but I often fall behind when there is a disruption (such as a holiday) or when I got so much work (such as the start of last week). So yeah, gotta make time for it again tomorrow. It would be a shame to not put all those Muji stationeries and supplies I splurged on while in Singapore. Lol. 

Also, I ordered a couple of books from bookdepository.co.uk. I’m a sucker for email promotions: 5% off. I’m expecting The Trick is to Keep Breathing by Janice Galloway and Asano Inio’s A Girl on the Shore (Girl by the Sea when it first came out as a scanlation) in a few weeks. Early birthday treat, I guess.

Taking out my iPod from retirement

3 Jun

The bluetooth speakers I ordered online arrived today. Great timing as it’s a weekend. My iPod is finally out of an unofficial retirement.


Because I haven’t had daily long commutes since I worked in Indonesia (in 2009), I’ve listened to music less and less until it just wasn’t part of my routine anymore. I do miss those days, because I derived so much pleasure by listening to stuff I found interesting, even those I couldn’t understand because they were in Japanese! Finding something nice from related artists, discovering a song I’d end up listening to on repeat… It’s days when I feel a total absence of what I had before that makes growing old a little sad. Now I’m more occupied with work, making money, spending money, doing totally nothing to make up for the exhausting toils of daily life. It’s a regrettable thing. I live comfortably but I lost something, the enjoyment of simple pleasures, along the way.

Long weekend in Jakarta

8 May

I decided to go at it very late, but it was worth it to go to Jakarta for the four-day weekend. It was too short but really well worth it. Details later? Anyway, that wonderful weekend ended with terrible thing associated with that inevitable return to reality. For one, the Garuda Airport lounge was a real waste of money. And then the plane was delayed. And because it was delayed, we had to fly around until the runway was free, and now we are waiting for parking space to disembark. The airport in Semarang is really tiny. What I like about it is that getting off the plane and into a taxi takes about five minutes if you don’t have check in luggage. But at times like these it really sucks that it’s so small, because we should have arrived more than one hour ago, and instead we’re just sitting around, waiting, waiting.

Thanks, Garuda Indonesia. I’m gonna consider getting a cheaper flight next time.

Also, the guy sitting behind me kept coughing with his mouth open every two minutes for the duration of the flight. As if spreading spit and viruses was not enough, he also has really bad halitosis. So every time he coughs, the stink of his breath reaches me and uggggghhhh. Stinky McStinkface, please do the world a favor and just cough into your shirt. Ugh.

Both fascinated and and horrified.

14 Feb

That’s what I feel about this video.

Also the reason why I keep listening to a particular 80s mix at 8tracks. It’s 6 hours long but I always get to hear it whenever I put that playlist on.

Sooo…. Valentine’s day. On a Sunday. Spent it like I would any other weekend, except with Netflix for hours on end. It’s no big deal to me. I guess it was a bigger deal to me when I was single. That’s what I noticed on my scant social feed. The usual contact who posts religious/motivational stuff all of a sudden writing about, “this will soon pass” accompanied by an animu screenshot of a girl eating a bouquet of flowers. So yeah, an ordinary day, an ordinary weekend only with actual productive work done. Yesterday when my housemate told me that we might have a Valentine’s day lunch, I said something about that being no big deal. Maybe that’s why I got uninvited. Lols.

Hahhh. Oh well.

I called home, talked to my mom and taught her how to access Netflix, saw my new dog looking like a younger version of my old dog. But yeah, Kyo’s personality is totally different from Blitzy. I feel sad that I miss him as much even until now. I fear that this hole in my heart will last forever.

Damn, I’m gonna cry while listening to Wang Chung’s “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”.

As luck would have it…

7 Feb

Last Friday we were able to clock out by noon, a couple of hours after the Chinese New Year program. I went with three other coworkers to a mall, and I decided to take the chance to apply for a postpaid mobile data account with Telkomsel. My other coworker got hers, but I wasn’t as lucky as they wanted an additional document. Anyway, I didn’t feel so bad about it because 1) my prepaid Telkomsel data subscription sucked and I was doubtful about it improving just because it’s postpaid; 2) 4G is still on an ‘trial phase’ at my current location in Central Java; 3) I was in a conundrum about getting a new number: if I wanted to upgrade my current mobile number to postpaid, it cannot be downgraded to prepaid, so I was considering getting a new number to try it out first. My phone is dual SIM so it was no issue.

Them telling me to return a different day with a domicili made me decide to just go a different route. So I went to a shop a few steps away and bought a new SIM card with a different network provider. It was not so bad: a total of 10GB, more than half of it via their 4G network, for less than 90k IDR. Not so bad at all.

And then today, when I checked my mail, I found out that I could actually access Netflix again. When Netflix rolled out their international subscriptions, I signed up immediately. But then a week later Telkom Indonesia promptly blocked it because they wanted Netflix to follow local censorship laws. I couldn’t even access their website to cancel my subscription. But then now there is no need to… because the new SIM I bought for data is not a subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia. Yaaaaz. I feel a little silly because I should have figured it out a long time ago. Lol.

It’s a long weekend because of the Chinese New Year, though I do need to get work done. But I am just happy that I can do it with Making a Murderer in the background.