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I miss cable TV.

1 Jan

My boyfriend and I have been living in hotels for more than two weeks. We spent New Year’s Eve in Jakarta, and we are still at an Ibis Budget Hotel in Menteng. I was looking forward to catching the premier of 1000 Days for the Planet but then they only have NatGeo, and not NatGeo Wild, where the show will be aired. I feel awfully disappointed. Since I left my job in Jakarta last year, I’ve been missing the perks of living alone in an apartment. In Semarang, I live with four other people from work, and while it is nice to have people around so you don’t think yourself into a nervous breakdown, there is so much boredom and a gnawing feeling of being cut off from the usual creature comforts. And I miss cable TV. I miss walking five minutes from work to my flat, turning on the TV and curling up on the sofa to watch the news or whatever show I found interesting. I miss my friend Shirley and our period of obsessive cinema-viewing. But alas, people have moved on. And while I have so many complaints about my current workplace with its inhuman workload, I know I should be thankful that I even have a job. Here’s to hoping that I will get something that is less soul-crushing than now.