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Back to reality.

2 Apr

Or at least back to Semarang. 

I flew out of the Philippines Friday night. Said goodbye to all the cats except for Tiny. He must’ve been sleeping somewhere on top of the ceiling escaping the heat. I’m gonna miss round little Blitzy. She’s been a good dog of late, only eating cat poop when no one is looking. Lol. 

I only had one mango this summer. Regrets. 

I spent the weekend in Jakarta with Shirley. Booked at a nice serviced apartment in Menteng. It was when I was browsing stuff at Grand Indonesia that I realized that I could have bought a bag for the price of that one night stay. Lol. But yeah, not really regretting it. We got to watch the midnight screening of Get Out and went back to very comfortable lodgings. The only regret that it was only one night instead of two. Lol. 

So anyway, I’m back in Semarang. I regret checking in one of my bags because it took like half an hour before I could pick it up. No fun waiting. 

Work again tomorrow, but at least for this week I’m only doing invigilations and teaching only one class. Not gonna be busy until I start checking papers, that is. Nevertheless, I’m happy with some respite. 

Will be home for a week

23 Mar

Term break starts Saturday, and I will be going home for that one week interlude between now and the prelim exams. This is the first time that I am actually not looking forward to going home because I can see how much money I am gonna blow just getting home and coming back to the workplace. But then I have some stuff that should be attended to that it necessitates me to go home. It’s for a pretty shitty reason. I’ll spare you.

So anyway, going via Singapore tomorrow. Arrival time is about the same as with going via Jakarta, so it’s not so bad.

At least I’ll get to see my dog and cats, right. Should be alright.

Put the devil way down in the hole. 

9 Mar

After four years, I’m re-watching The Wire for the first time. Dee is such a softy. And McNulty has that earnestness of Don Quixote. Knowing how it goes, I find myself being more attentive this time around. And I’m enjoying it immensely. 

Just another two weeks before the term ends. I have no fixed plans about the break, though. All I know is I don’t want to spend that week in Semarang. Lol. 

I almost lost my shit today. 

31 Jan

It’s been a long time since that last happened. Feeling a little annoyed by the noise and inattention, and all of a sudden a surge of indescribable anger. It was incredibly overwhelming and it happened so quickly that I ended up pacing the room once, with an almost irresistible urge to walk out and just burst into tears. But no. One has to reel it in.  One has to stay. One has to keep it together. 

Happy teachers’ day on Thursday. 

Holiday denial

8 Dec

Just one more week before I fly back home for the holidays. I think this will be my first Christmas home in four years. Previously I had spent those in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. It’s a little weird to be spending it at home again, without him. 

Maybe a little change is good for the both of us. I’ll see him again in June, this time in his part of the world. I’m excited because I’ve never left Southeast Asia, lol. Germany is gonna be a whole new experience. 

Anyway, exams are done although markings aren’t. I’ve been a little lazy and had procrastinated a lot. I just couldn’t seem to get into the zone, lol. I have to, now, or I just might have to spend the long weekend with papers. :(

I haven’t progressed much with my readings because…. I’ve been marathoning Bondi Vet. Well, I’m only six episodes shy of finishing the available season on Netflix, so I will be resuming reading Dictator once again. Hopefully. 

Still not decided whethere I should change my reading goals or not. Probably not. I’ve still got a lot of unread Penguin Little Black Classics anyway. Lol.

Long weekend

4 Dec

It’s another long weekend, this time courtesy of the paranoia about the protests in Jakarta. I won’t be complaining because that’s one less day of work for me. Anyway, not that it mattered because I still went on Saturday for extra class for those who wanted to revise for Monday’s test.

So it is Sunday now and the weekend was spent mostly watching Bondi Vet on Netflix. Season 1 was produced as far back as 2007. I’ve followed a few vet reality shows on NatGeo and Animal Planet, but Bondi Vet is different in that they actually included clips where animals died or had to be put down. Pretty distressing sometimes but that is the reality in an actual vet clinic, I guess. You get dogs that get run over. :( Kinda sad but that keeps it real.

I’m still reading Waltzing with a Dictator, but only a few pages at a time. I have a four-book backlog on Goodreads, and I’m a little torn about changing my reading goal to something more achievable. Let’s see. I still got three weeks left, anyway.

I’ve had some cycling of moods recently. Mostly sad because of something that happened a week ago. But yeah, shit happens, I should be able to get over it, etc. The problem is I have a tendency to dwell, and sometimes it is difficult for me to pull myself from a rut. The only thing that would likely help is to have  a routine with activities that can keep me busy and productive, instead of just lying around and thinking of things that cannot be changed. So yeah, I’m trying to catch up on an EdX course that I am currently enrolled in, and then work on my bullet journal later. Cooking also helps keep me busy, although I get annoyed by the fact that I always seem to forget to buy something I had meant to get. Like yeast for my homemade pizza. Lol. Also mozz for said pizza. I suck. Especially since I blow money every time I do the groceries, and then I end up not getting what I need.


Slice of life

1 Nov

Only four periods of teaching today, although I do have an extra class later. New student, came from a national school, had been receiving after-school (and weekend) classes to make up for that year he missed (they didn’t have chemistry in his previous school). We’re almost halfway the second term but he is almost done with all the things that we needed to cover: one year of classes. He’s doing so well, and he likes the challenge of the subject, and it’s gratifying for me as a teacher. 

Not so much for marking. I’ve got a ton of papers to check. It just so happens that when I start on another pile I get distracted and I want to do something else. So it just keeps piling up, along with other teacher grunt work like lesson plans. 

Later my most senior students will be sitting for their last exam in chemistry. It’s a multiple-choice test. Ironically it is the most difficult for them. I’m just happy that it’s gonna be over soon. The stress. The emails. Okay, I didn’t even receive a lot of questions or clarifications about hard to answer items except from a couple of my most diligent students. Had I given my number, I’d have been bombarded with even the simplest queries on instant messaging, at all hours. So nope. 

I’ve recently re-installed Neko Atsume on my phone. My LG G4 had a bootloop problem and when I got it fixed, the technician had to obliterate my files. So yeah, I have to work once more to get back all my cats and my yards and my goodies. Sighs. But Neko Atsume is such a great stress reliever. 

Not that I’m stressed out. Surprisingly, I am not. I’ve had worse, definitely. Everything is actually peachy. That’s why I don’t understand why my eye keeps acting up. Last week was particularly terrible. The pressure on my right eye was too great. I couldn’t do anything but gobble 24 mg of methylprednisolone per day. It’s the only thing that keeps the pain at bay. Too bad for shit side effects. 

Holidays are in a few weeks. I already booked tickets to and from Manila. Definitely will be home for Christmas. Germany likely in June. Let’s see.